It is time for our politicians to begin to act from principle and not from expediency. We have had enough of politicians who care more about reelection and blood money from the NRA than about the lives of human beings made in the image of God and for whom Jesus Christ died. Isn’t it ironical that politicians who claim to be prolife with respect to abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, disregard life when it comes to using a gun to shoot innocent students and adults? It is impossible for them to have it both ways. If they are standing for life, then all life matters. If they would like to stand for life and yet allow use of guns for sports, then the obvious answer is to enact sensible gun laws that allow for restrictions on who are able to purchase and use guns; proper licensing; tough background checks for purchasers, thorough screening to illuminate mentally ill, among others.

It appears no place and no one is sacrosanct any more. One would assume places of worship are sacred but shootings have occurred in them. One would think schools are safe and off limits to shootings but since Sandy Hook in 2012, there have been over 239 shootings in schools that have killed over 138 and injured more than 300. These numbers would be more if Columbine, Virginia Tech and others before Sandy Hook are added. Gunmen have shot people in the sanctity of their homes and cars, in malls and in theatres. There have been at least 1, 864 shootings from the Aurora theatre tragedy to the shootings in Las Vegas. It appears that no place is safe or exempt. No one from kindergarten to adult is exempted. The upshot is that nowhere is safe anymore. For how much longer will our politicians pass by on the other side with blinders on?

A long time ago Ezekiel dubbed Jerusalem a bloody city for bloodshed that pales in comparison to what we are witnessing today, Eze. 22. What is consistent with both accounts, however, is the complicity of national leaders—ecclesiastical, political and legal. Some have kept their mouths shut; others cannot speak because they dare not due to the bribes and donations they have accepted from lobbyists and other deep pocket individuals. Yet the question that begs an answer is, when will enough be enough? When will our leaders be willing to admit that too much blood has been shed and it is time to step in defense of the defenseless? The distinct impression is being given that the lives of our children are valueless. The distinct message being sent is that owning a gun is more important than preserving the lives of our children. The clear message is being shared that gun sales and the gun lobby are more vital to our nation’s future than our children and young people.

Friends, I concur with the children of Parkland High School. Enough is enough. It is time to join in holding our politicians accountable. They must know they can no longer take us for granted; they must know we see them selling us out to the NRA. They have been pleasing themselves and have not been listening to us. It’s time to hold them accountable. If they are unwilling to represent our wishes and insist on being independent then they will make our decision easier. Politicians need to know we are not only needed when they want our votes. They must listen to us and offer real solutions to factual problems like Russian interference and the death of too many of our children and citizens in places that used to be sacrosanct. If they refuse we’ll speak at the ballot box, gerrymandering notwithstanding. These are desperate times that demand desperate actions. Enough is enough! If we don’t act, the blood of our children will cry out against us and God will avenge them. Is it enough yet?

God’s question to Cain is still germane. But, instead of asking for Abel God is asking for the innocent children of our schools and for the blood of other victims shed in sacred and other places. What will our answer be? While we always need prayer, it now calls for accompanying action.