Success beyond grades for our Sons

Nov 25, 2022Blog

When we think of success for our sons, we think in terms of GPA and if they are college bound. There are, however, certain life lessons that need to be nurtured in them to ensure life success beyond grades.

1. Empower Themselves

Work with your sons to come up with phrases that they can repeat to themselves. Use words that show they are in charge of how they think, feel, and behave — regardless of how those around them are doing.

  • “All I can do is try my best.”
  • “Act confident.”
  • “I’m good enough.”

2. Adapt To Change

So when a son is faced with a major change, have them talk elaborately about how they’re feeling. More importantly, help them find — and define — the right words to describe it (e.g., sad, happy, frustrated, nervous, eager).

3. Know When To Say No

Our sons often struggle to say no because it can feel awkward and weird. By finding the courage to do it more often, however, they’ll find that it gets easier over time. It also reduces the stress of having to commit to things they don’t want to do.
Help them find the courage to say no by coming up with polite ways to turn someone down:

  • “No, I’m not able to.” (You don’t always need to offer a reason.)
  • “Thank you so much for inviting me, but I’ve got other plans.”
  • “I’ll have to check and get back to you.” (Use this if they need some time to think about it.)
  • “I don’t really feel like doing that today, but I appreciate you asking.”

4. Own Their Mistakes

Our sons are often tempted to hide their mistakes because they don’t want to get in trouble.

When your son makes a mistake, remind them that they can change their environment in a way that will prevent them from making the same mistake twice.

Coming to events like to upcoming Collaborate to Educate Banquet are critical.

Here they will be exposed to success models and may just gain a mentor!

Hope you have gifted him and yourself this opportunity. If not, do it today!

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