A – Avoid those who are cold about God/Jesus or who don’t love Him as well as
those who destroy the character and influence of others to gain your loyalty.

B – Beware of those who are always critical of leadership and others as well as
those who invite you to sniff, snort, sip, stick, and/or smoke

C – Choose poverty, reproach, separation from friends, or any suffering rather
than defile the soul with sin. Death before dishonor or the transgression of
God’s law should be your motto.

D – Determine never to surrender principle for popularity or to keep a friend

E – Endeavor to glorify God in your choice of a friend

F – First be yourself what you expect a friend to be

G – Get a friend whom you respect and whose friendship will lead closer to God

H – Heed the promptings of the Spirit—a friend who makes you uncomfortable
or whom you do not feel good about inside is not a good friend to have

I – Identify with those who uphold Christian ideals

J – Join no one or a multitude to do evil

K – Know thyself and thy limitations and keep thyself pure

L – Love those best who love Christ most

M – Make Christ your best friend; He sticks closer that a brother

N – Never compromise your principles to be recognized

O – Observe the behavior of your peers before you make them close friends

P – Pray for God’s guidance as you choose your friends

Q – Question the integrity of those with whom you associate

R – Remember that one who has friends must also be friendly

S – Squash any friendship that encourages you to defy the counsel of godly
parents, principals, pastors, and teachers or who, like Jonadab, will devise
schemes for you to do evil.

T – To thine own self be true and you will to no friend be false

U – Unite yourself in friendship with those who hold fast to good moral principles

V – Vacillate not, stand firm for what you know to be right

W – Weigh well your decisions and avoid hastily form friendships or ill-chosen

X – Xerox the example of Christ. He loved both the lovely and the unlovely

Y – Yield not to temptation or to the offers of friends who would lead you astray

Z – Zealously defend the truth; practice what you believe; know why you are
what you are and let your friends know it