1. Be a good listener
  2. Speak at least 50 times less than you listen. There is a good reason why God gave us one mouth and two ears
  3. If taken into their confidence, never be visibly shocked at anything they tell you
  4. Be confidential—Never betray a confidence they repose in you
  5. Be genuine and authentic—they hate people who are phony, inauthentic and hypocritical
  6. Display integrity at all times
  7. Show genuine interest in them and their success
  8. Teach to their strengths
  9. Answer their questions honestly
  10. Don’t dismiss their query as to why something must be done. They genuinely want to know
  11. Never ridicule them or their work
  12. Set high standards for them and motivate them to succeed
  13. Be generous with affirmations
  14. Express pride in their accomplishment, however small; it goes a long way
  15. Seek to determine if their work represent their best effort; acknowledge it, if so and motivate them to do their best if otherwise
  16. Teach them to follow in the steps of the Master Teacher, Himself; He will never lead them astray