1. Help them develop lofty goals for their lives
2. Inspire them to stay focused and not let anyone frustrate them or derail their plans
3. Teach them to love the Lord
4. Help the establish and sustain four caring relationships in their lives
5. Teach them to choose their friends wisely and to love those best who love God most
6. Embolden them to resist temptations to stick, snort, push or sell illicit substances
7. Introduce in them a love for books and learning and motivate them to stay in school
8. Get them involved in a club where they learn skills and have positive reinforcements
9. Help them to manage stress and to control their feelings and emotions
10. Coach them to be forgiving and to settle disputes in non-violent ways
11. Inspire them not to settle for the mediocre and to build positive self-images
12. Keep the lines of communication open and ensure they know you trust them
13. Give them unconditional love and acceptance and let them feel it
14. School them to respect themselves and to respect others
15. Educate them to be accepting of and to develop their God-given gifts, talents and potential and not to envy those of others
16. Train them never to compromise principles or sacrifice morality for acceptance
17. Set the right example for them so they can follow you as you follow Christ
18. Aid them develop and show them the value of having a good sense of humor