CEOS Newsletter June 2020

Aug 31, 2020Blog

COVID-19 Survival Kit- Complied by BLM

On the 30th of June 2020, Collaborate to Educate Our Sons (CEOS) hosted a Town Hall Meeting titled, COVID-19 Survival Kit. It featured six panelists: four COVID-19 survivors, a certified pastoral educator who also serves in a church setting, and a physician who is a research scientist who works in developing new drugs to fight infectious diseases. Below, please find a summary of what we learned, especially as it relates to a survival kit. This could prove helpful, especially if the predicted second wave of COVID-19 materialized or considering the resurgence we are seeing in some areas and in some states.

The Medical Kit

Don’t wait until you have the first symptoms to begin preparing. Be proactive. How?

  • Have a prevention mindset
  • Avoid exposure to known risk areas
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
    • Have a balanced diet
    • Get adequate sleep
    • Get regular exercise
    • Take ample supply of Vitamins, especially D3 and C
  • Observe Social (physical) distancing
  • Note early symptoms and seek help
  • Work with building your immune system

The Survivors’ Endurance (Survival) Kit

If you should succumb to COVID-19, here are some of the pointers survivors have given that you should ensure you have in your daily toolbox

  • Change your toothbrush daily
  • Change your clothes  & wash your hair daily
  • Do not fight it, go with the flow
  • Make quality time with God through worship, prayer, and praise part of your routine
  • Spend as much time walking as you are strong enough to do. Walk, walk. . .
  • Have a good support system—good network of family and friends
  • Request the prayers of others
  • Enjoy Music—sing if you can. If not, listen to recorded music

The Survivor’s Kit from a Chaplain’s perspective

  • Be honest with God and then with yourself
  • Grief is not always negative. It can be a benefit. Use it positively.
  • Practice deep abiding faith
  • Be attentive to yourself—self-care is not only essential, it is paramount
  • Be reflective of and attentive to what God is doing in your life