With a new name for CEOS, Collaborate to Educate Our Sons, we began 2015 by setting goals for the year ahead, which included developing our new vision and mission, and updating our core values:

• VISION: Constructive Contributors
• MISSION: Facilitating Communities of
Contributors for Constructive Action
• CORE VALUES: Character, Faith, Service, Community, Truth

CEOS held its first Annual Essay/Poetry Scholarship Contest during the summer. The scholarship awards were given to Nicolas Bahimba, who submitted the winning high school poem; Robert Onsare, who submitted the winning college poem; and Shadrack Kane, whose essay won him the runner up college scholarship. We awarded each of the scholarships during the CEOS 7th Anniversary Banquet on September 24, 2015. Rear Admiral Barry C. Black (Ret), Chaplain of the United States Senate, was the keynote speaker for the Anniversary Banquet. Dr. Black shared four principles to lay the foundation for “Building Constructive Contributors for a Brighter Tomorrow.” They are: choose grace over personal ability, the permanent over the perishable, preparation over procrastination, and purity over defilement.

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