Cavel Melbourne Memorial Scholarship

Honouring former board member

Mrs.Cavel Melbourne

CEOS is a non-profit, multi-faith, international organization, that Cavel Melbourne along with her husband Bertram Melbourne, helped found in 2009. It is built on a core set of values that include trust, character, faith and service at the local, national, and international levels. Its objectives include mentoring, empowering, and inspiring boys and young men to develop the requisite caring relationships needed for success in their personal lives.

Mrs. Melbourne worked tirelessly to educate teachers on how to teach to reach boys and young men, given their unique learning styles. The full amount of all donations made will be used to fund scholarships as selected by the Scholarship Committee to allow young men to attend a university of their choice as well as to help train teachers (male and female) to obtain the requisite skills to effectively teach boys and young men.

Applications will be vetted and Scholarships are awarded through a blind process that assures and ensures anonymity and fairness.

Contributions can be made on the CEOS website to support the scholarship via:

  • the DONATE page
  • on VENMO at @CEOSCPR

Thanks for your generous contributions.