An Eagle or a Chicken: Which Were You designed to Be?

Oct 31, 2019Blog

Created in the image of God and imbued with unlimited potential to be and do, humans stand far above the rest of creation. With this special treatment of an elevated position comes tremendous responsibilities, least of which is using our gifts, skills and talents in harmony with God’s design. Yet, many boys and young men have neither been exploiting their potential for good nor living up to their responsibilities. This is therefore an issue that needs attention.

These challenging times demand the best of our young men and the best of us to ensure they derive the best from their developmental stages and advance to be the best they can be. What makes the task more daunting is the fact that the way certain sectors of society treat them makes they feel unwanted and haunted and hunted. Should they conclude that their lives are unwanted and valueless ought not to surprise us, given the way they are shot down, arrested and incarcerated causelessly. The lament of David so long ago, “Died Abner as a fool dieth,” (2 Samuel 3:33) is still very relevant today. Must they continue to die that way and is there no help for them?

Collaborate to Educate Our Sons (CEOS) was founded ten years ago to come to the aid of boys and young men. Too many of them are dying needlessly. Too many of them are losing their way and are becoming addicted to gangs, drugs, video games, iPads, iPods, etc., and are not being motivated to use their potential to contribute positively to the future. All too many of them do not have the support systems to surround them and motivate them to keep on the straight and narrow. It is the stated purpose of CEOS to do all we can to collaborate with all who will to influence as many boys and young men as we can to redirect their energies and their potential to positively contribute to society.

CEOS is grounded in the philosophy that God is the Originator and Designer of all. Moreover, we believe that God has endowed each person with unique qualities and capabilities for their success. But it is up to each individual to determine how they will develop and use their enormous resources. CEOS aims at influencing boys and young men to resolve that they cannot afford to abuse or squander the tremendous potential that God has given them. We are challenging and will continue to challenge them to ensure their best selves do not slip away to be wasted. Instead, we want them to harness their potential to be and to always do their best whether or not anyone is watching. We want them to be assured of themselves and to learn to act from knowledge that were designed for greatness and have all the potential to be great. No one can belittle them, make them fell less or stymie their progress without their consent which they should never give.

I am reminded of the story of an eagle that was wounded and could not fly. A farmer found it, placed it among his chickens and nursed it back to health. When healthy, instead of choosing to return to the skies, the eagle chose to remain among the chickens, eating and walking like them. My dear young men don’t make that choice! Parents, teachers and mentors counsel your young men against such a decision. They were designed to soar as eagles and should not settle for the life of a chicken that was designed for walking.

Will you collaborate with us to achieve these lofty goals? We know you will. Why not begin by sharing your reactions to this article?