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Collaborate to Educate Our Sons (CEOS) is an interfaith organization that strives to educate, form and nurture transformational leaders who will raise college awareness for boys and young men so it is embedded in the community and family culture. We will build an understanding among diverse peoples to encourage them to motivate boys and young men to achieve academically and be prepared for entrance into college and universities.


Clarion Express March 2021

Covid-19: Where Are We Headed?By Dr. Wayne Greaves, MD. Just over a year ago we learned of a new virus in Wuhan, China, that was similar to previous viruses that caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). This new virus was spreading rapidly and causing severe pneumonia and death. As time passed, it was clear this [...]

CEOS Newsletter June 2020

COVID-19 Survival Kit- Complied by BLM On the 30th of June 2020, Collaborate to Educate Our Sons (CEOS) hosted a Town Hall Meeting titled, COVID-19 Survival Kit. It featured six panelists: four COVID-19 survivors, a certified pastoral educator who also serves in a church setting, and a physician who is a research scientist who works […]

CEOS Newsletter February 2020

Dr. Mentor Talks About the Power of Mentoring Q: What’s mentoring all about? What do you give, and what do you get? A: Mentoring is about: • people helping youth to succeed• the importance of ensuring that youth are connected with positive role models• folks who care about others and volunteer to establish a trusting […]