Welcome to CEOS

Collaborate to Educate Our Sons (CEOS) is an interfaith organization that strives to educate, form and nurture transformational leaders who will raise college awareness for boys and young men so it is embedded in the community and family culture. We will build an understanding among diverse peoples to encourage them to motivate boys and young men to achieve academically and be prepared for entrance into college and universities.


CEOS Newsletter November 2019

CEOS ANNOUNCING CEOS 2019 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS The scholarships were announced and published on the web. The essays and the winning criteria were posted. Young men read them and made applications for scholarships. Adjudicators from four States read and evaluated each submission with a number rather than a name. Their scores were submitted and blindly tabulated. […]

A New Way of Thinking

When certain elements in our society see boys, generally and Black and Hispanic ones particularly, they see problems, challenges and undesirable societal issues. They think unconstructive thoughts and have negative feelings. This is because boys have been stereotyped and labelled. They are seen as disruptive, antsy and unable to concentrate on anything. They have been […]

An Eagle or a Chicken: Which Were You designed to Be?

Created in the image of God and imbued with unlimited potential to be and do, humans stand far above the rest of creation. With this special treatment of an elevated position comes tremendous responsibilities, least of which is using our gifts, skills and talents in harmony with God’s design. Yet, many boys and young men […]